new buys!


Buddha necklace: River Island

 Fringed necklace: Internacionale

 Clutch bag: Internacionale

Heels: New Look

I'm back in Cardiff, and that can only mean one thing... shopping!
These were mostly things that I needed to buy though. Kind of. I bought the shoes, clutch and fringed necklace to go with a nude dress that I'm wearing to an awards ceremony that I'm going to next Saturday - it's just a student event, before you get too excited! The dress is fairly plain, with some embroidery around the bust, so I wanted to liven it up with some brighter accessories... I'm not sure if the aztec pattern on the heels is going to be too much with the statement necklace as well though, what do you think? I'm SO excited for next Saturday, I've literally been thinking about the outfit for weeks haha!
I've been quite impressed with Internacionale recently. I've never counted it as one of my favourite shops, but the past few times that I've been in I've noticed that, not only do they have very reasonable prices,  they're also very good at nailing the key trends and their clothes/accessories are pretty good quality. I was thrilled to find the clutch and fringed necklace in there, they're pretty much exactly what I was looking for and were a much cheaper alternative to other options that I'd been eyeing up in the likes of Topshop and River Island.
Speaking of River Island, they were doing 20% discount for students for 3 days this week, and I couldn't resist nabbing this Buddha necklace while the offer was on. I have a bit of a weakness for long necklaces and anything a bit boho.

Hope you're all loving the influx of spring stock as much as I am at the moment!
Helen x


  1. I've never really bought anything from internationale, but your bits are gorgeous, especially love that clutch! xx

  2. The heels, I like!

    Just followed you blog! Please do follow mine too!



  3. loving the clutch bag! I've given you a follow! I'm also relatively new to blogging on http://louiselovesstyle.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Such cute buys but I love the buddha necklace haha so smiley!! x

  5. What a lovely post, nice pics! I just found your blog! I followed you - follow back?

    Awesome blog :)

    x Flo

  6. I love the necklace amazing :D great buys x


  7. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine.
    And if you want we can follow
    each other here, on bloglovin and
    via GFC?
    Let me know!

  8. I love the color of your bag and necklace~

  9. such a nice post, love the fringed necklace. just followed you, I'll be glad if you follow me back :)

    the girl next door

  10. Acaboo de descubrir tu blog !! me ha encantado veo que tienes cosas muy interesantes !! que te parece si nos seguimoos ?? te espero en mi blog y enseguida estaré de vuelta siguiendo tus actualizaciones un besazoo !! ♥

    Lovely & Cute

  11. lol I love the little Buddha. I saw the shoes and thought "oh. very nice", then I saw the second pic with the pattern and I was like "oh, oh, oh. love it." haha.

    Your blog is so cute. I'd love to follow each other! I am following you now, hopefully you come and visit my blog!

    Oh, and I'm from New York but I was in Cardiff for a day and I loved it!

    jen xx

  12. awesome blog! do you have a bloglovin?!

    1. I don't yet, unfortunately! I keep meaning to set one up, I'll get round to it soon :D xx

  13. Nice haul! Those shoe are perfect
    for the beach really c: xx

  14. Thanks for all the feedback guys! :) xx


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