trend watch: dungarees and pinafores

1. Topshop, £36      2. Topshop, £42      3. River Island, £22      4. Miss Selfridge, £40
5. Missguided, £19.99      6. New Look, £26.99      7. Missguided, £33.99
8. River Island, £30      9. Topshop, £38      10. River Island, £35

The fashion world has come over all childish! Dungarees are popping up everywhere this spring, as are pinafore-inspired dresses and skirts. If you're a denim lover like me, you're probably having a field day right now. There's not only denim on offer though - there are plenty of prints and block-colour numbers out there too. I love Missguided's coral dungaree-playsuit (5), for instance!

The denim pieces are perfect for casual day-time wear, but there are also smarter options. For instance, the black pieces (e.g. 2 and 7) and floral skater skirt (3) could be made office-appropriate, or even dressed up for a night out. 

Personally, I'm LOVING this trend. I got my hands on the River Island dungaree-playsuit (8) a few weeks ago and wore it to uni on what happened to be "Inner Child Day", meaning there was a bouncy castle (amongst other things) in the student's union! I might have got a bit carried away with the whole big-kid thing that day. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. Next time I wear the dungarees I'll put them in an outfit post!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the dungaree/pinafore trend?

Helen x


  1. Nice post, love the number 3!
    Thanks for the lovely comment =)

  2. they are so beautiful! I love the one with the flower print!

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  3. I remember hating them as a kid, and now they're back! Sadly they aren't flattering on me this time around :( Those floral river island ones are so cute!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  4. Cuteee!!! but it's not practical;)

  5. Thanks for the comments & feedback :) x

  6. It's so strange to think that those are back in!

  7. Cute product mashup.
    Thinking about picking up a light wash for summer :).

  8. thank you dear for your nice comment! I like numbers 5 / 8.

    Xenia ♥

  9. I absolutely love dungarees at the moment, that black Misguided one is amazingg:) x


  10. Thanks for commenting guys! Glad most of you are liking the dungarees, it's such a fun trend! :) x


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