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Hi! It's been a while since I last blogged because I've been crazy busy over the last few weeks! Also, my tiny, dark university room leaves much to be desired for photo-taking and I'm definitely not brave enough to start taking selfies out of the comfort of my own room!
However, I have a tendency to take photos at any opportunity, meaning pretty much every night out/event/party I've been to in the past few weeks has been documented. So, I thought I'd do a quick round-up of photos to show you some of my recent outfits - bare in mind, all of these have been taken on my compact camera (unless otherwise stated), so the quality is no where near as good as it is when I use my DSLR. What also differs from my usual outfit posts is the fact that these are all group shots... oh well, atleast it can count as proof that I have friends ;)

Dress: Zara      Necklace: Internacionale      Ring: Fossil      Bag (although you can barely see it): Internacionale

The three photos above are from the Cardiff Student Media Awards - a night which celebrates the achievements of student media at my university. It involved a champagne reception, a three course meal, an awards ceremony and going out and getting, erm, very drunk afterwards! 

Dress: Warehouse      Necklace: River Island      Shoes: French Connection      Blazer: Warehouse

These two photos are from a night out to celebrate two of my housemates' birthdays. The first was taken outside our scruffy student house; the second, in a swanky bar that our landlord owns! We told them on arrival that he was our landlord and they gave us free entry and champagne, not too shabby eh? 

Dress: New Look      Necklace: Ebay      Shoes: French Connection

This was was the first of another friend's birthday celebrations. Little did I know, I'd later agree to go to her house on the southern coast (not going to say where, privacy etc) for a couple of days! These photos were taken in the garden of her student house.

Playsuit: Lipsy      Necklace: River Island      Belt: could be from anywhere, I can't remember!

Another birthday night out! This time, to celebrate my friend Laura (aka, beauty blogger extraordinaire Lauzrah)'s birthday! Apologies for the terrible quality of these photos, we were all rather tipsy - I blame Laura's infamous fruit punch ;) 

Top: Urban Outfitters      Shorts: Topshop      Necklace: Internacionale

And these photos are from that trip to the south coast (of England) that I mentioned above. That's the birthday girl with the blonde, curly hair - never a dull night out with her! We had a great night partying in her home town.

Jacket: ASOS      Top: New Look      Floral trousers: Republic     Feather clip: New Look    
Sunglasses: Hobos (a vintage shop in Cardiff)      Bag: Primark      Sandals: Topshop

The next morning, after a breakfast of bacon sandwiches (we ate VERY well that weekend), we went for a walk along the beach. Despite the fact that it wasn't that sunny, it was still lovely, and the whole weekend was such a nice break from revision and uni!

Dress: Republic       Shoes: French Connection

Finally, this photo is from the English Language & Communication Society (LangSoc, for short) end-of-the-year meal. Most university societies have a summer ball, but we're not quite big enough for that yet - although there are a lot more members than shown in this photo, we're not quite THAT small! So, instead, we had a meal at a noodle restaurant. And it was amazing. All you can eat buffet for £5, who can argue with that?!

And so concludes my photo marathon! Apologies if you got bored half way through (or at the start), but I thought I should post something to show I haven't completely disappeared off the face of the blogosphere. 

I also have some news to share, on a final note! As I may have mentioned previously, I spend an awful lot of my time at university getting involved with Cardiff Student Media - hell, it's probably my favourite part of life at uni. So, I'm very excited to be able to say that, next year, I'm going the be the deputy controller of our university's TV station, CUTV, and columnist at the student magazine, Quench! I honestly can't wait to get started on both.

That's about it, I think! Long enough post for you? ;)
Helen xx


  1. OMG!!You are so beautiful!!!!
    I love every single one of your outfits!! Totally my style :) x x

    '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Aww thank you lovely! I don't know about that though haha! Cheers for commenting, I'll be visiting your blog in return :D xx

  2. the dresses are gorgeous x :)


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