interrailing - my outfits

 Top: Topshop      Skirt: River Island      Sandals: Topshop       Sunglasses: Hobos, Cardiff

 Dress: Republic      Necklace: Ebay      Sandals: Topshop      Sunglasses: Hobos, Cardiff

 Sandals, Shorts, Top and Necklace: All Topshop (oops!)

 Top: Primark      Shorts: Topshop      Sandals: Topshop      Sunglasses: Cardiff University Varsity sunglasses (such a loser!)

 Shorts: Topshop      Top: Topshop      Bikini: Primark

Skirt: Topshop      Top: Topshop      Headband: Primark      Necklace: Primark      Sunglasses: borrowed 

 Dress: Warehouse      Necklace: Ebay      Bag: Italian leather market!

I didn't realise just how Topshop/Primark heavy my wardrobe was until now!
A couple of days ago, I got home from interrailing  around Europe with my friend Sophie. We only went for about two and a half weeks, but we jam-packed a lot into that time and were lucky enough to see some incredible places. We started in Berlin, then Vienna, Budapest, Lake Bled in Slovenia, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and finally Rome!
It was scorching hot everywhere that we went, so sunnies, sandals and all things short were a must. Sadly, my favourite sunglasses, pastel pink-rimmed fake Raybans from a vintage shop called Hobo's in Cardiff, fell apart along the way. I'd luckily brought a spare, bright red pair that I'd managed to pick up for free at my University's last Varsity - red's not really my colour though! Sophie kindly stepped in after a while and lent me her black pair. So, there you go, that's why I'm wearing three different colours of fake Raybans in the photos.
I had an amazing time and met so many lovely, hilarious people along the way. The only thing I struggled with was the heat!

Has anyone else been interrailing? I'd definitely reccomend it!
Helen x


  1. 'Sunglasses: Cardiff University Varsity sunglasses (such a loser!)' I like the red anyway.

    I like Wales (two degrees and scenic). Good outdoor photos and blog looks well-done. Have a very good weekend.



  2. Your holiday outfits ar so cute and fresh! xxx I'm a new follower - Please check out my blog if you get a chance! Follow if you enjoy :) covertocoverstyle.blogspot.com

  3. Amazing outfits!
    Would you possibly check out my blog? x

  4. SO MUCH summer in one post - incredible!


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