I'm back from the festival! Actually, I got back a couple of days ago, but I've been busy. It was such a good weekend! Since the festival was about 4 hours away by car, I had a bit of a road trip there and back with a couple of uni friends - that was fun enough in itself, cruising down the motor way singing everything from Haim to One Direction. Then, from Friday evening through to Sunday lunch time, we were engulfed in pure folky madness.

The festival is run by my friend Alice's family as a kind of anniversary party for her parents - it's been going for years! They're a massively musical family, so they've got loads of friends in bands who perform every year. Alice also did a song with her sister Sophie, who's an aspiring singer-songwriter, and a bloody good one at that! You can check out Sophie Crabtree's music on her soundcloud (here) - I Would Cross an Ocean is particularly beautiful.

Anyway, I promised that I'd show you some of the photos, so here they are. I took my little digital camera with me rather than my big DSLR, so the quality isn't brilliant - especially since most of the photos were taken at night. So, without further ado, the photos from Megabash 2013:

Alice's dad & his band

The Crabtree sisters!

Definitely Mightbe - an Oasis tribute!

As I said, madness!

Helen x


  1. You look like you had so much fun! Wish I'd gone to a festival this year:( xx


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  2. Wow, georgeous pics,
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  3. Lovely pics! Looks like you had a great time :)

    I love festivals like this!

    Hmm maybe...

  4. Looks like you and fun gorgeous girl :) xx


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