a merry little christmas

Shirt: Zara         Skirt: Topshop         Necklace: Internacionale

Merry Christmas, seasons' greetings and all that!
I'm back home for the holidays, which can only mean one thing - MORE TIME FOR BLOGGING! Hell yeah.

I've been back for a couple of days now, so I've had a bit of time to recover from the busiest term known to man. Well... known to me, at least. It's gone insanely quickly, but it's been so much fun. Sadly, though, I only have one term left of university now! Once summer hits, I have to go out into the real world and be an actual grown-up working adult human person... thing. This is terrifying. But also more than a little bit exciting.

ANYWAY, to the clothes. I wore this outfit for a christmas meet-up with a group of my closest friends from home - I thought the red shirt would be suitably festive! Pairing it with a skater skirt was a no-brainer, if you've read my blog before you'll know I'm hooked on them! Plus, it had been pre-established that we'd be eating lots of christmassy food stuffs during our catch-up (my contribution was homemade mince pies), so anything tight or body con was a no-go.

Fortunately, my favourite berry-red lipstick (Rimmel Colour Sensation in Hollywood Red) matched the shade of my shirt pretty perfectly, so I thought I'd go all matchy-matchy. I also decided a statement necklace was in order, since there were no prints or details involved. When it was time to brave the wintery weather and dash to the car, I simply threw on my black leather jacket and I was good to go!

Anyway, it's getting pretty late - as I type this, it's officially Christmas Eve! Albeit 2:00 in the morning, so it's not really "eve"...

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!
Or, if you don't celebrate it, just a jolly good winter break!
I shall be posting again in a few days time. I promise.

Helen xx


  1. Have a Merry Christmas, Babe!

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  2. Merry Christmas!
    Love the shirt :)

  3. Merry Christmas! I've missed your posts, glad you have some time off so can get back into the blogging zone. ;) I love the colour of that blouse and it has a really nice loose fit, it looks fab with the statement necklace! <3

    Tara xo

    1. Thanks lovely!! I've missed blogging too, so glad to be back! :D xxxx

  4. What a lovely deep color of the top and it looks lovely and silky! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. Way too cute, I love love love the necklace!!

  6. I really have to check out that Rimmel lipstick; it looks great on you. Anything bodycon is a negative for me during break---I need room for all that food!



  7. You look so gorgeous! I love this look. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

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