hellooooo music!


I've decided to merge my old music blog, Headphones and Downloads, with Hels Yeah!

I want to continue with both, and it seems silly to blog from two different places. I've been working on trying to import all of my old posts from Headphones and Downloads onto here - apparently the way to do it is to export H&D (which is a wordpress site) as a .xml file, then import it to blogger, but every time I try blogger just shows the little "loading" circle for hours, and doesn't really get anywhere. Can anyone help? Have any of you successfully imported wordpress posts to blogger?

Anyway, this means I'll also be posting about music in the future - yay!
This could include album/single/live reviews, interviews, or artists profiles... or just general thoughts on current hot topics in the music industry.

I also firmly believe that music and fashion go together like fish and chips (beautifully and inextricably, of course), so future posts might combine the two!

That's all for now, keep an eye out for more varied posts in the future!

Helen xx


  1. I like a good varied post so huzzah! I've never been able to understand Wordpress so I'm of no use but I hope you get it sorted.

    Tara x

  2. That's great in that it makes your blog more unique :) Great idea sweetie!

    - Che



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