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Dress: Warehouse        Bag: Primark

The Cardiff Student Media Awards were a couple of weeks ago now (wow, it's gone so quick), but I've been busy applying for jobs and doing revision since then, so apologies for this slightly late post. The CSM Awards are one of my favourite nights of the year, as they celebrate all the fantastic people who dedicate their time to student media, and everything they've achieved throughout the year. Plus, of course, I love an excuse to get all dressed up!

In true student style I decided that, instead of buying a new dress, I'd wear one that I already owned. Well, this was partly because I hadn't worn this dress for a good couple of years, and I still completely love it. I've got a bit of a weakness for grecian style dresses, or anything with a tribal twist, and the gold embellishment on this dress kind of combines the two. Score!

I teamed the dress with my trust black and gold wedges (which you can just about glimpse in the photos below), and with a beaded bag - from PRIMARK, no less! I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it; it looks far more like the sort of thing you might find in the likes of Zara or River Island. But hey, I'm not complaining! The beading and gorgeous colours added to the ethnic vibe of my outfit. Not one to skimp on the jewellery, I added plenty of bracelets and, of course, my feather ring from Fossil, which rarely leaves my finger (see the second photo below).

Excuse the quality of these photos, they were taken on my little compact camera - I didn't trust myself with the DSLR around so much wine! They took a fair bit of editing, but I quite like the almost vintage look that I've ended up with.

ANYWAY, the night itself was lots of fun. There was a champagne reception, a lovely meal, plenty of hilarious speeches, and of course a lot of dancing. Oh, and the awards themselves, obviously. I didn't win anything, but it was nice to have been nominated in four categories: Best Entertainment Show (Xpress Radio, for a show I do with two friends), Best Editor (CUTV), Best Feature (CUTV, a feature on The Welsh BAFTAs that I worked on with a friend), and Best Long-form Writer (for Quench Magazine).

It was great to see so many people gain recognition for their hard work, and overall it was a cracking night. I'm not gonna lie, I did get a bit emotional whenever I remembered that it was my last CSM Awards night as a student, but I'll definitely be gatecrashing next year - it's become a bit of a thing for alumni to turn up too!

More on the scary prospect of being a graduate soon (if I haven't bored you with it yet), but for now I'm just enjoying my last few weeks of being a student!

Helen xx


  1. Nice pics Dear :)

  2. Very beautiful dress!
    You look gorgeous.

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  3. You looked lovely! Gosh, I'm shocked that bag is from Primark - it's sooo nice!

    Tara xo

  4. Great dress. you look beautiful :)

    AJ | www.TheAJMinute.com

  5. That dress is amazing! The detail around the neck is perfect goes well with the dress! Love your blog. I am a new subscriber would you like to follow each other via GFC?


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