I've been wanting to go to Glastonbury for years, so you can imagine my excitement when my friends  and I managed to get tickets! A huge fan of festivals, I was desperate to experience what's widely considered to be the best in the world for myself - and I wasn't disappointed.

It is, of course, first and foremost a music festival, with acts ranging from the legendary (hey there Blondie) to the up-and-coming (looking at you, George Ezra), right through to the down-right obscure (like the fantastically named Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters). However, what makes Glastonbury really special is the sheer amount of, well, other stuff. The huge site has such a wide variety of stalls and attractions that you physically can't fit everything into your time there - I can see why people go back year after year! For instance, as well as seeing a lot of fantastic singers and bands, we managed to catch a number of circus shows in the Big Top, spent a few hours at a silent disco, got henna tattoos (which are temporary, of course), went to the top of the Ribbon Tower (from which you can see the whole site), and browsed everything from the Healing Fields (complete with laughter yoga), to Arcadia (which includes a giant, metal, fire-shooting spider). Then there are the food stalls... but I could go on forever. Suffice to say, whatever you could possibly want to eat, it's there somewhere. None of this just-a-burger-van-in-a-field business.

To stop myself from gushing about absolutely everything we did, I thought I'd just share a few highlights with you. All the photos are taken with my little compact camera as I didn't want to risk taking my DSLR, so the quality is slightly compromised, but you'll still get the idea!

Posing with the famous sign!

The Shangri-la/Shangri-Hell cross roads

Haim on the Other Stage (featuring Este's infamous Bass Face). I never tire of these gals!

Actual Kelis!

The incredibly talented George Ezra

The view from up on the Ribbon Tower

And, of course, Dolly Parton.

Needless to say, there were also some fantastic outfits on show - from hippie chic to full-on fancy dress. I found myself ogling other people's style far too often, and have probably had enough wardrobe inspiration to see me through to next year's festival season! I never did purchase the feather headdress that I was pining after though... maybe one day!

All that's left to say really is that I cannot recommend the festival highly enough. Even though we picked a muddy, thunderstorm-ridden year, couldn't wash properly for almost a week, and were absolute exhausted by the end of it, I honestly had one of the best experiences of my life. Bring on Glastonbury 2015!

You can check my Instagram for a few other pics - link in the sidebar to the right.

Helen xx


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