DIY: Bunting!


I'm still in the process of decorating my new room, so I thought it'd be the perfect excuse to try out a few little DIYs! This is a really quick, simple way to jazz up bare walls, and would be perfect for a student - or, in my case, graduate - room.
Sorry about my scruffy carpet in these photos, by the way - I would've much preferred a clean, white surface (instantly prettier photos), but alas, I'm in a rented house so I'm stuck with cheap brown carpet! Nevermind.

You'll need:
-A sheet of fabric, at least 1m
-Scraps of cardboard
-Needle and thread
-A pencil
-At least 2m of thick string

Step 1
Decide on the size that you want your bunting to be, and draw a triangle on a scrap of card to serve as a template. You could use a ruler if you want measurements to be precise, but I chose to just draw freehand. When you're done, cut out the triangle.

Step 2
Lay your template over you chosen material, draw around and cut out.

Step 3
Lay a triangle at least 4 inches from one end of your string - you want to leave some string to tie your bunting up with. Fold the top, of the triangle over and behind the string, and pin in place if you wish

Step 4
Stew along the overlapping material, just below the string. I chose to sew along the whole edge three times to make sure it was extra secure.

Step 5
When you've finished sewing, cut off any overlapping material left at the corners of your triangle.

Step 6
Repeat steps 2-5 until you've sewn on enough triangles to cover the length of your string (leaving a small gap in-between each one), and you're done!

Now all that's left to do is hang your bunting! I chose to tie mine to some little hooks above my bed, alongside some LED fairy lights. I like having an eclectic mix (read: miss-match) of pattens in my room, so I might create another string of bunting in a different fabric to hang nearby.

I'm hoping to post more DIYs from now on, so let me know what you thought!


  1. I'm definitely going to do this one day - it looks so easy but fun!

    Tara x

  2. very visually arresting and fun article dear!! me super enjoyed reading it ♥ ♥

    New post on the blog gorgeous!

  3. This is such a good idea,,I am not a big DIY person, but I think even I can deal with this project! Thanks for sharing :)

    xx Edina

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  4. Oh wow, that looks very cool and stylish and is so easy to do!

    xoxo Xenia

  5. It looks really nice and easy to do. Great job. :)

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  7. Cute! What a great idea! It came out really nicely!

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