review: Lush "Feeling Younger" skin tint & colour supplements


I'm coming at ya with something a little bit different today... my first make up review! *cue excited ooooohs*

Unsurprisingly, I'm a huge fan of Lush - I mean, come on, who isn't? I've been using their facemasks for a while now (Brazen Honey being my current favourite), but I haven't sampled any of their make up range before. I was having a general browse of their Cardiff store the other day when their "Feeling Younger" skin tint caught my eye. My beloved go-to highlighter, Benefit's "Watt's Up", was on it's very last legs, so I decided now was the time to try something new.

A shop assistant also spotted me looking at their foundations (or colour supplements, as they've been branded), and offered to make up sample pots of two different shades that I was torn between, so that I could see which suited me best at home. Which gives me even more to review today, yay!
So, without further ado, let's get onto those reviews...

Lush "Feeling Younger" skin tint

As you can see from the swatch above, this has a really lovely slightly-warm glow. The second line is where I've blended the tint out - though it spread very nicely here, I did have a bit more trouble getting such a smooth texture on my face. I dabbed a few drops over the top of my cheekbones, along the centre of my nose, and under my eyebrows, then gently used my fingers to smooth and spread. On the cheeks in particular, I had a bit of difficulty blending without it looking cakey - admittedly though, I did attempt to blend it over my foundation (which is how I normally apply highlighter), when the product advises that you apply it underneath other make up. Oops! This may well be my fault, not the product's...

Regardless, I still really loved the dewy finish that this gave my skin. It really helped to just pick up the key areas that I applied it to, making me look more awake and adding a bit of definition to my features. I think the fact that it is such a neutral tone, with just a hint of warmth, will mean it'll suit most skin tones well - I can certainly vouch for very pale skin tones like mine!

I can see myself using this skin tint a lot once I've perfected the blending technique. I'd definitely recommend it to others!

Lush "Jackie Oats" and "Light Yellow" colour supplements
top: "Light Yellow"
bottom: "Jackie Oats"

As I mentioned above, these are essentially designed to function as foundations with a gentle, moisturising Lush twist. The two shades I picked up, "Jackie Oats" and "Light Yellow", were the ones that seemed most likely to suit me, though both blended into my skin tone very well - it seems all the shades in the range are designed to match skin tones easily! However, seeing as it's the dead of winter and I'm currently as pale as a sheet, I think I'd favour "Jackie Oats" at the moment.

The colour supplements have a lovely, creamy consistency which means they're easy to spread, and a little goes a long way. I must confess, though, I hoping for a little more coverage. I'd say the colour supplements resemble BB or CC cream more closely than foundation. When applied, they aren't great at hiding blemishes, but a dab of concealer can soon fix that so it's not too big of an issue. What they are good at is evening out skin tone and adding a little bit of colour and brightness to the skin, especially when paired with with "Feeling Younger".

In the photo below, I'm wearing both "Feeling Younger" and "Jackie Oats", sealed with a light layer of powder. I really like the over all effect of both products and will definitely be wearing them more often - particularly in spring/summer when I don't want a thick layer of foundation!

Have you tried any of Lush's skin tints or colour supplements? Let me know what you thought of them! I might experiment with more of their make up range in the near future...

P.S. I got weirdly self-conscious of my hands during the swatch photos - beauty bloggers, is this normal?!


  1. Ooh these are lovely - Lush products are the best and "Feeling Younger" looks promising!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. these products look great!!


  3. I've never tried their foundation but I'm intrigued! The finish is really pretty. :)

    Tara x


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