Cropped, flared and high-waisted


As a lover of all things 70s, I couldn't resist hopping on the flares bandwagon - especially when I spotted these amazingly flattering light-wash, high-waisted flared jeans!

 Top: Topshop
Jeans: H&M
Necklace:  Internacionale
Scarf and purple ring: Holiday buys from Croatia
Gold leaf ring: Fossil

This week I'm in London for work, which is exciting! I'm doing some filming for Music Theatre Wales, a contemporary opera company that I've worked with before. Their new production "The Devil Inside" opens at The Peacock Theatre on Thursday, and it looks fantastic from what I've seen/heard so far!

I wore this outfit on Saturday, when I first arrived in London to glorious sunshine. Sadly, the good weather hasn't lasted - the last two days have been drizzly, grey and windy. Typical UK! So it's back to thick coats and jumpers for now, but I'm glad I got to channel spring for one day at least in the form of light denim and a cropped top.

Can I just say, I never thought I'd be going back to flared jeans after that bizarre moment they had in the noughties. I remember getting rid of an awful Jane Norman pair a few years ago (remember Jane Norman?!) and wondering what I'd been thinking when I bought them. But hey, they're back! And I actually love this pair from H&M, especially the high waistline and gold buttons. I feel like they're quite a minimalist take on the flares trend, but maybe I'm just talking rubbish.

I'm currently sat in a Costa typing this up on my iPad, feeling oh so metropolitan (and slightly pretentious)! I feel like working from a coffee shop is a rite of passage all bloggers and freelancers go though. You initially feel slightly silly for sitting on your own, then look around and realise actually half of the other customers are doing the same. God, we're all such cliches haha!

Expect some more posts about what I'm getting up to in London over the next few days - I'm happy to say that I've got a little of bit time to explore while I'm here too. I don't get down to London very often, so any tips on things to do/sights to see would be much appreciated!


  1. I love your neckpiece!


  2. I remember Jane Norman and those awful bags haha! These jeans are cuuute, I love the buttons. Have fun in London! :D

    T xxx

  3. We could never pull off the flare-jeans look but they look great on you and fit perfectly! Love the outfit when paired with that top as it gives off such a nice and effortlessly-cool vintage look :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  4. These flares are perfect for you! Lovely outfit :)


  5. Beautiful look. This scarf goes so well with your shirt (:
    Nati xx

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